Fixer Unisex

The Fixer is a high performance, carbon fiber reinforced helmet with an incredible strength to weight ratio.

It offers the best protection of any open face bike helmet on the market. It's not the lightest or best vented, but in the event of a crash at high speed on rough terrain, the Fixer is what you need. Made from the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available, the Fixer offers incredible performance in a extended coverage yet low volume package. Using our Carbon shell (CRP)- and Impact Shields technologies, which provide an incredible strength to weight ratio, rigidity and impact performance, the Fixer is an extremely tough helmet. The Direct Ventilation keeps your head cool and the Occigrip tensioning system with the molded ComfortPads provide for an easy and personalized fit. The helmet comes with thicker set of pads to help with custom fitting.


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Size Chart

Size Chart


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