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Back again for its 5th year!

After a more subdued event last year due to the pandemic, it’s great to see this iconic event return in full with a weather window of February 12-18. The competition is sure to feature incredible feats of skill, and when it’s all said and done, one man and one woman will be crowned this year’s King and Queen of Corbet’s.


Jake Hopfinger

Juliette Willmann

Parkin Costain

The competition is all about big tricks and going for broke, and we’ve seen the bar pushed higher and higher in recent years as Parkin Costain and Jake Hopfinger dropped the first double backflips into the couloir. We are also stoked to announce that one of our newest athletes, will join the one-day freeride ski and snowboard event that takes place at the legendary Corbet’s Couloir!

We got a chance to ask the athletes some questions before the event:


Why is skiing sport meaningful and why do you love it?

Professional skiing has enabled me to continue chasing my childhood dream. As a young kid getting to ski as much as possible for as long as possible was my only goal. I'm incredibly grateful to still be chasing this dream. I love skiing for many reasons but meeting badass new people and creating long lasting memories has always been a highlight.

What Goggles will you bring to the Jackson Hole?

I typically stick to one goggle but then make sure I have the right lenses for the trip. This year I’m bringing The Interstellar, I’m a fan of the durability and fit with my Trooper Helmet.

What lenses will you bring to make sure you’re covered for all the different conditions?

Lens One - Sunny, for the brighter days - Obsidian. Lens Two - Lowlight, my favorite is - Bixbite.

What about sunglasses?

The fastest pair of Ronin Max I can find.


What are your favorite Sweet Protection products and why?

Collaborating with a brand created by passionate people is the most important thing for me. My favorite product? Oh, I love the Grimnir 2Vi Mips Helmet!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve been part of?

The Freeride World tour, for sure! Besides the competitions, we are living the dream on the world tour. The mood is amazing, as much on skis as at the after party.


Why is skiing sport meaningful and why do you love it?

Skiing is my livelihood. Its pretty much all I do, and consumes my day to day. It challenges me like nothing I've ever done, allows me to spend time with my best friends in the mountains, and create media that I am proud of and will last forever.

Which sports do you practise in addition?

Mountain Biking, Whitewater Kayaking, Surfing, Climbing, Skateboarding, Kiteboarding, Paragliding, Dirt Biking.

What’s your favorite Sweet Protection product?

The Igniter 2Vi Mips is sick. I’m really into that one! It’s packed and ready for the competition.

Follow the athletes on Instagram:
Jake Hopfinger: @jakehopfinger
Juliette Willmann: @juliette_willmann
Parkin Costain: @parkincostain

For more event info, stay tuned via @jacksonhole and @sweetprotection on Instagram.
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