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Bike Packing Hacks for Summer Days


We love to spend our time outside during sunny summer days. How to get more of that? Do a bike packing trip and you have the whole day (and night) outside doing what you love. We have a few tips for you when heading out!


We all love a good sleep and a pillow is necessary for that. But carrying a pillow? No. The bag of your sleeping bag is the perfect pillow, if you stuff some clothes in it.


You don’t need to carry food the whole day. Find a supermarket a few kilometres before your camping spot. Bring a pocket backpack to carry your groceries on the last few kilometres. It’s so small you can squeeze it in anywhere.


If the weather gets bad you don’t want to ride with dark sunglasses. Instead of carrying spare glasses, you can bring photochromic glasses which can be used in all weather conditions.


Why carry shower gel, tooth paste, soap, washing powder when you get all-in-one? E.g. Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1


On every trip something unexpected happens. Isn’t that part of the adventure? It always helps to not just bring a multi tool for your bike, but also zip ties and Gaffa tape. There is always a reason to use them.

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