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The Road to Tour de France

We have kicked off the 1st season with our women’s team – at the WorldTour! A group of twelve strong individuals united as an even stronger team. The evolution of female cycling is about to take a leap. Naturally, Uno-X and Sweet Protection want to play a key part in it. Feel free to underestimate us, we are ready to kick ass

Uno-X tour de france| sweet protection

We asked the team some questions as they’re prepping for the biggest event this year, Tour De France Femmes.

How do you feel about the queen of cycling races, the Tour de France Femmes?

- We are all really excited. It's the biggest race of the year, and starts on the same day as the men will finish in Paris. It’s a big event with the same set-up and surroundings as the men’s edition, and about 170 countries that’s broadcasting the race.

What is your aim at the race?

- We take it day by day and focus 100% on the stage of the day.

- We will be visible and do our best to put our mark on the race.

- It will be hard and tough, but will put our focus in each day, to do our best, and not focus so much on tomorrow and the overall and what’s to come. We’re not really looking for the GC, but more at each stage.

What do you eat during such a tough stage race?

For a stage race like the Giro d’Italia Donne, nutrition is essential for performance. We work with the riders before each stage so that they have a daily nutrition plan of what to eat before, during and after the stage to ensure that they are well fuelled for the racing but can then recover and be ready to go again the following day!

Riders diets are very high in carbohydrate during a stage race, which is the predominant fuel for racing. Without sufficient fuel in the tank, riders will burn out very quickly!

A pre race meal might consist of rice with, egg or honey and yogurt, a banana and some fresh fruit juice. During the stage riders will consume plenty of fluid and carbohydrate, usually from a combination of Maurten gels or carb drink and energy bars or rice cakes. Following the stage, riders refuel, rehydrate and recover with a carbohydrate and protein drink, tart cherry juice and another meal of rice…this time with chicken/tofu/tuna and a small amount of salad and sauce; followed by another high carbohydrate meal in the evening such as pasta.

Uno-x tour de france| sweet protection Uno-x tour de france | sweet protection

We’re stoked to get the know the new team and see them in action this summer. Stay tuned for results!

FALCONER| sweet protection


The Falconer Aero helmet is inspired by the aerodynamic properties of the peregrine falcon, the fastest member of the animal kingdom. That's why it's the chosen helmet of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, the very first UCI Pro Team from Norway. This model is equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain.

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