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Linn Cecilie Mæhlum

Linn Cecilie Mæhlum started alpine racing at the age of 7. This gave her a solid base when she some years ago started feeling unmotivated about racing. Linn was then looking for something new. It turned out that what she was looking for was big mountain skiing.

During the winter Linn normally dedicates her time to travel and skiing. The summer is spent finding new adventures – preferably adventures that involves biking.

In 2016 Linn took part in Supervention 2, which was a dream come true. Linn was also named Norwegian Freeride Champion x2 in 2014 and 2015. The last seasons has been followed up with travelling in Europe with Sweet Protection athlete and friend, Anja Alme Gardli.

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“I love the bib on the Supernaut pants!”

For the past four years, Linn Cecilie has also been very engaged in IVRIG camp, which is a camp for girls who are eager to bike, surf, ski and snowboard where you can try new activities and get new friends. At the camps Linn Cecilie works as a guide, and the arrangements is suitable both for experienced and for first-timers.

“This upcoming season I will travel to more unknown places and make a documentary from all the different locations we visit!”

- Linn Cecilie Mæhlum

Breakfast, skiing, lunch, relaxing, dryland training, meeting with the coaches, dinner, emails/interviews/other “office work/ and then sleep. Sounds boring actually, but the skiing is awesome and my teammates are fun.

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“I simply love the Supernaut Gore-Tex Pro Jacket! It feels lightweight and breathes really well in addition to its isolation qualities. This model is perfect for touring up the mountain, but it can easily be used riding the slopes as well. Thumbs up for a lightweight and durable Gore-Tex jacket that is good for all sorts of skiing. It’s a jacket everyone should have. ”