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Mariann Sæther

"I love kayaking in most of its forms, and that is why I also do canoe slalom along with whitewater kayaking. I have been a part of the Sweet Protection family since 1999 where I got the first prototype helmet!”

- Mariann Sæther

Mariann started whitewater kayaking in 1995 and loved it from the first strokes she took in the Sjoa river, Norway. Since then she has travelled the world for two decades, running rivers in remote corners such as Tibet and southern Patagonia, leading first descents on most continents and surfing big waves in Quebec and Uganda.

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"I really look forward to spending lots of time on the rivers of Norway this summer, both in Voss and in the north – and I will be heading to the Zambezi for the fall, along with competing at the World Championships Sickline in Austria and World Championships in canoe slalom in France.

"My favorite Sweet gear is currently the Rocker and the Intergalactic DrySuit, and when the water warms up a bit I love my Strutter!”

- Mariann Sæther