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Going through emotions, with Ragnhild Mowinckel

For winter 2021, we launched a very special collab project together with two time Olympic Medalist, World Championship medalist and World Cup Winner. She is one of the most dangerous alpine skier you could face in a race – but the kindest spirit you will meet when the clock isn’t ticking, Ragnhild Mowinckel.

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It all started with a casual conversation between Ragnhild and Ståle, world class alpine racer and Head of Design and Development, in early 2020. Ragnhild has been our Sweet Protection team athlete for several years and we’ve had many collaborations previously. This time around though, Ragnhild was working her way back from her second knee injury. The crushing second round of setback had sunk in, and they were doodling on ideas for what the next two years should look like, between Sweet Protection and Ragnhild.

They both insists that the idea behind the next big project belongs just as much to them both.

“Ragnhild has been extremely involved in the design process. We’ve spent a lot of time together this past year doing our best trying to create something truly special and true to Ragnhild, both as an athlete and person.”

- Ståle N. Møller, Director of Design, Sweet Protection

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The result, nevertheless, is an unbeatable helmet and goggle combination, named “Going Through Emotions”. It’s an attempt to express Ragnhild’s journey. From way before the Olympics when her career had an enormous peak after years heading into the right direction, to working her way back after the two knee injuries - with all the emotions that entailed – the comeback and hopes for the future.

“After many conversations with Ragnhild, I decided to try to express her journey into an eight-part character, drawing them, pixel by pixel.”

- Ståle N. Møller, Director of Design, Sweet Protection

Watch Ragnhild as she describes the project herself in this video:

“I’ve always been passionate about the joy and every other feeling that we get from sports. It’s so much more than the physical dedication and execution. Sports has a beautiful way of touching upon the whole spectrum of emotions.

You have the (very) good days, the horrible days where everything goes wrong – and all the days in between. This project is about trying to put all of these emotions into graphics and tell a story that I believe everyone will find recognizable.”

- Ragnhild Mowinckel

The process behind “GOING THROUGH EMOTIONS” has been very special to us. Now we’re excited to hear how you like the final products in this project.

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Highest high’s

Have you ever wondered what a “perfect day” looks like for one of the best alpine racers in the world? After all the hard work that’s been put down, how does it feel like when everything works according to plan? Watch the video below to hear how Ragnhild would describe this feeling.

Lowest low’s

Getting an injury takes a toll physically and probably and mentally. Ragnhild has fought her way back on the world class stage from two knee injuries, which most people thought would believe to be impossible. Check out the video below to hear how Ragnhild handled her lowest lows, and how she got back on to the world’s scene of alpine racing.