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Terje Håkonsen

Meet Terje Håkonsen, the Norwegian professional snowboarder who transformed snowboarding into a global mainstream phenomenon.

Sport: Professional snowboarder
From: Åmot, Norway 

Terje is born and raised in the mountains of Åmot in Vinje, Norway. He started skiing at an early age and for a while he was even on the regional alpine team with skis on his feet. Once he discovered snowboarding however, he quit skiing immediately.

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Nothing beats getting up early for a ride on fresh snow.

Terje completely dominated the freestyle competitions during the 90’s. He has been called the greatest snowboarder of all time – attracting audience both for his innovative tricks and riding style as well as his unwillingness to compromise passion and principles.

Terje is still considered one of the most influential snowboarder of all time. Among many other victories on both national, European and international level Terje won the International Snowboarding Federation (ISF) Word Championship in halfpipe: 1993, 1995 and 1997.

When it comes to Terje’s characteristics as a snowboarder he is known for his flowing style and proficiency in all types of terrain. Terje is still a professional snowboarder today, but rather than competing he spends most of his time recording films and organizing own events and competitions.