Reducing 25% carbon footprint with new packaging

We in Sweet Protection try to make as little impact on the environment as possible by developing high-quality, long-lasting products. We will never compromise on safety for a user of a Sweet Protection product, but are always on the lookout for better and stronger materials with an eco-friendly approach - and look into every process to see where to cut our carbon footprint to protect our playgrounds.

25% reduction of carbon footprint

One of the major projects we’ve been working on for some time now is to reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing our helmet packaging. This has been a challenging, but very important process for us. The result of this project is that we have now reduced our carbon footprint created by transportation of helmets with -25%!

Protection of helmets

The biggest challenge in this project has been to reduce the packaging without it affecting the safety of the helmet during transportation. Optimally, the box protecting the helmet should be as close to the helmet as possible to reduce volume in each transportation, but without risking that the helmets will arrive damaged or scratched when reaching the end-consumer. In order to achieve this, we had to look into every little detail of our packaging, such as unique materials, weight, dimensions and labelling. We also created a new pedestal in our helmet boxes that secured the helmet better, reduced every millimeter possible and done quality testing box shake tests at the factory to find out the perfect fit for each helmet-style and size.

Enviromental savings

With the new dimensions we increased the number of helmets inside an HQ container with 25%. In numbers that is 736 more helmets when packing is optimized. The air volume saved in transport is approximately 2576 liters, or roughly 12 bathtubs! When we can fit more into each container, we basically ship less air – we need less containers, and that way reduce our carbon footprint.

All carton used are produced according to The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. FSC has developed a system of forest certification and product labelling that enables people to identify responsibly sourced wood, paper and other forest products. Easy to recycle by following the recycling logos on every box. Further; we have diminished the use of bleached carton for the box and pedestal and diminished the use of hot glue in the packaging assembly.

Launching this Autumn for our snow helmets and on bike and paddle helmets next summer.



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