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Paddlesports is refocused, but still central in brand DNA

Dating back from the mid 80’s, when the founders of Sweet Protection fell in love with the local rivers and play spots, Paddlesports has been an important part of the brand DNA and history. After discontinuing the dry wear products going into 2020, the Paddlesports collection is now refocused on hardware and protection only.

 The Sweet Protection story started in Trysil early sweet protection logos

From the brand history text: “The year is 1988. Skateboarding is still prohibited in Norway, and the Sweet mantra was just manifested on a school paper. The Sweet Protection story started in Trysil, a mountain village in Østerdalen, Norway, when a group of keen kayakers were missing the proper protection to push even harder at their sport”.

...Twenty years later, May 24th 2020, Sweet Protection celebrates 20 years. 20 years in love with the rivers, waterfalls, mountains and forests – the playgrounds for which the brand has made it their mission to make the best possible products. And if there’s any doubt out there, Paddlesports will continue to be an important part of the brand also the next twenty years.

“We believe that discontinuing our dry wear products will allow us to focus even more on innovation and cutting-edge technology on helmets and protection for Paddlesports”

Ståle Møller, Co-founder, and Director of Design & Development in Sweet Protection.

Paddlesports | Sweet Protection

Our Paddlesports Pro team athletes

Going into summer 2020, we would like to give a shout-out to our Paddlesports Pro team athletes. Together with our product designers, they are a crucial part in our mission making the best possible products – and, not to mention a huge inspiration for old- and new Paddlesports enthusiasts.

Mariann Sæther

When talking kayaking profiles, it’s impossible not to mention Mariann Sæther as one of the leading pioneers, regardless of gender. Passionate kayaker for more than two decades, still going strong. World Extreme Champion in 2015 and repeated this in 2019 winning the famous North Fork Championship on the North Fork of the Payette River. She has several first descents around the globe and has been the leader in many bigger expeditions. Last but not least, Mariann is also a mom to an active four-year old, and together with her partner Ron Fisher they split their time between Norway, and the banks of the Futaleufu in Chile as their second home.

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Mariann Sæther | Sweet Protection

Photographer: Benjamin Hjort /Athlete: Mariann Sæther

Aniol Serrasoloses

Aniol Serrasoloses is without a doubt one of the most talented and respected kayakers on the planet. The list is long; winning North Fork Championship, launching the SBP foundation, starring feature film Legacy, first descents, record time Stikine Lap - are only some of the highlights from the unstoppable Catalonian kayaker. Aniol is constantly challenging the perception of what is possible in a kayak, always pushing the limits of the sport he loves.

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Aniol Serrasoloses | Sweet Protection

Photographer: Ryan Lucas /Athlete: Aniol Serrasoloses

Nouria Newman

Nouria, definitely on the short-list of the most progressive kayakers out there, regardless of gender. She started kayaking at the age of five and never looked back. The list of accomplishments on the river is long, very long - but Nouria is also vocal in stating that she’s not only traveling the globe in search for whitewater. To Nouria human adventures like discovering new cultures, broadening her mindset, sharing and meeting people is as rewarding. While being a bad-ass kayaker, she also managed to finish a masters in journalism and political science from Sciences Po Toulouse.

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Nouria Newman | Sweet Protection

Ali Bharmal, Red Bull Content Pool / Athlete: Nouria Newman

Ben Marr

Long-haired, carefree and handsome. Not to mention one of the best big water kayakers in the business – what’s not to love about the kayak-hunk Ben Marr? Ben enjoys life wherever the kayak takes him. Favorite activities include day trips on the Stikine, Zambezi, Baker, and Futaleufu River's (more water the better). High volume whitewater has become the low impact high reward focus but pursuing big wave surfing remains a top priority for the Canada based kayaker.

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Ben Marr | Sweet Protection

Photographer: David Jackson / Athlete: Ben Marr

In addition to our Pro team athletes, we’re also supporting a wide range of inspiring and bad ass kayakers around the globe.

Summer 2020 key products

Rocker Fullface

Our high performance, carbon fiber reinforced full-coverage helmet for kayaking when extra protection is required. The Rocker Fullface is a high-tech carbon fiber reinforced full-coverage helmet offering the most extensive protection available in any Paddlesports helmet. The advanced helmet construction combines the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. This enables us to effectively tune the shell and liner for different properties in different areas for optimized performance. The Rocker Fullface is a proven performer for gnarly creeking around the world.


Our high-performance carbon fiber reinforced Paddlesports helmet made for the roughest conditions. This is a high-tech carbon fiber reinforced helmet and our clear team favorite and go-to helmet for performance. The advanced helmet construction combines the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. This enables us to effectively tune the shell and liner for different properties in different areas for optimized performance.


Originally designed in 1997 and still the most iconic helmet in Paddlesports, the Strutter offers impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating. Inspired by the original baseball cap, the computerized 3D shape provides great style and comfort – but more importantly it offers impressive protection performance for its low volume and style.


The Wanderer is a dependable and durable helmet with solid Shell Technology protection performance. First introduced in 2008, but continuously improved year by year, this is a great piece of protection equipment for all-round river use.


The Ronin sport performance sunglasses are especially designed for high-intensity sport activities, but you can also wear these in confidence for everyday use. The Ronin Max model has an oversized lens for extended vertical coverage and unrivalled field of vision. Both models are available with several high-quality lens, including our unique RIG™ lens technology, developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast enhancing vision with minimum color distortion. All lenses with 100% UV protection, hydro- and oleophobic treatment.