Sweet Protection celebrates 20 years of locking horns with impossibilities.

The year is 1988. Skateboarding is still prohibited in Norway, and the Sweet mantra was just manifested in a school paper. The Sweet Protection story started in Trysil, a mountain village in Østerdalen, Norway...

Fast forward to May 24th, 2000, the company was founded by a group of keen kayakers, skiers/snowboarders and mountain bikers missing the proper protection to push even harder at their sport. Now, twenty years later, Sweet Protection celebrates 20 years. 20 years in love with the rivers, waterfalls, mountains and forests – the playgrounds for which the brand has made it their mission to make the best possible products.

Stronger, lighter, better.

The Sweet mantra can be traced back to a school paper from 1988, made by one of the founders and Director of Design and Development, Ståle N. Møller. A pioneer and visionary industrial designer on a relentless mission to give action sport enthusiasts the benefit of innovation, high-tech materials and the finest craftmanship. The mission was partly fueled by ideas and inspiration drawn from California's unique board culture. This fusion dictates that outstanding functionality and performance isn’t enough. A distinctive design and attitude must be reflected in the product. Some years down the road, and the scribbles on a paper have become the core of a unique brand identity, and in the process the mantra has evolved into a purified sentence

“Sweet Protection create superior products inspiring people to push their boundaries”

Innovation and craftmanship

Sweet Protection was founded on a frustration not finding products that were good enough. We have made it our mission to create the best possible products for our core activities blending industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship available. We strive to inspire every outdoor enthusiast, from World Cup ski racers to the weekend warriors out with their kids - and everyone in between, to give them the confidence to push their boundaries. We have extremely high expectations to our products, way above and beyond industry certifications and standardized tests. We build the gear we use and stand behind every product we make.

We’re a small team, and we do everything in-house. From early sketches to prototypes – to full-fledged proprietary technologies challenging the existing norms and benchmarks. We don’t stop at ‘good enough’, we aim higher - that’s why we develop our own helmet shell technology and lens technology (RIG™). We always do this in close cooperation with our world-class athletes. Their input is invaluable, and they are an important part of our extended development team making the best possible products.

20 years of locking horns. To be continued.

It's been 20 years, but some things will never change. Our HQ is still located in Trysil where it all began – and we still share the passion and love for the rivers, waterfalls, mountains and forests – our playgrounds.

Looking back over the past 20 years, what we appreciate the most are all the incredible moments we’ve shared. All the dedicated and talented people we’ve met, often sharing the same love and passion. Friendships that will last forever.

We have several very exciting projects in the pipeline. As our activities and technology evolve, so do we. We eagerly await where the next chapter of this adventure will take us - and we sincerely hope that you will continue to join us.