Clockwork MAX RIG® Henrik Kristoffersen Edition Goggle

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Clockwork MAX RIG® Henrik Kristoffersen Edition Goggle

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With a field of view like no other goggles on the market, this Clockwork Max RIG® Team Edition is developed with World Champion Henrik Kristoffersen
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Microfiber Goggle bag

Microfiber Goggle bag

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The Clockwork MAX RIG® goggle is developed together with our alpine ski-racing team athletes. With a field of view like no other goggles on the market, the Clockwork Clockwork MAX RIG® is developed specifically for ski racers. Featuring Sweet Protection’s proprietary lens-technology RIG® enhancing the contrast in low light conditions. Other features include a molded triple layer face foam with solid ventilation. A one-of-a-kind fastening of the goggle strap gives a flush fit that keeps the goggle in place. Double lenses equipped with GORE® Protective Vents for pressure equalization will avoid deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure – providing optimal working conditions for the eyes.The Clockwork MAX RIG® further extends the field of vision and fits flawlessly with all Sweet Protection Volata helmets from size M/L and upwards (and our other helmets).

  • Contrast enhancing
  • Minimal distortion
  • Extreme impact resistance
  • Antifog
  • GORE® Protective Vents
  • Supreme field of vision
  • A unique coating to withstand water of any form
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Area of Use
All Mountain
Lens Technology
RIG® lens technology symbol Sweet Protection
RIG® – Retina Illumination Grading
  1. RIG® (Retina Illumination Grading) is a contrast enhancing lens technology which is true to the colors of the environment and reduces eye fatigue.
Gore Protective Vents Icon
GORE® Protective Vents for Pressure Equalization
  1. Some Sweet Protection goggles are using GORE® Protective Vents in the dual lens assembly. The GORE® Protective Vents sole intention is to equalize the pressure between the outer lens and the inner lens to provide minimal optical distortion by avoiding deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure. GORE® is a trademark of W. L. Gore & Associates
Supreme field of vision Sweet Protection goggles
Superior field of vision
  1. The Sweet Protection goggles are all in a class of its own when it comes to field of vision.
Extreme impact resistance icon
Extreme Impact Resistance
  1. The Sweet Protection goggle lenses are penetration proof beyond the call of duty
Sculpted Toric Lens Icon from Sweet Protection
Toric Lens
  1. The first sculpted toric goggle lens in the world! Extremely strong and rigid toric lens providing superior optical properties with minimum distortin while providing extreme impact resistance. The sculpted “Eye Black” geometry helps to increase contrast, reduce glare and increase lens rigidty
Super Oleophobic and super hydrophobic coating
  1. A unique coating making sure that water in any shape or form don’t stick.
Anti fog
  1. CA Cellulose Acetate anti-fog inner lens

The tech behind Interstellar RIG®

  • RIG® lens technology RIG® lens technology
  • ExcenterLock ExcenterLock
  • Supreme field of vision Supreme field of vision
  • GORE® Protective Vent GORE® Protective Vent
  • Sculpted Toric Lens Sculpted Toric Lens
  • Extreme Impact Resistance Extreme Impact Resistance
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Fiber Reinforced
  • Anti fog Anti fog