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Hunter Gloves

Our go-to glove for trail biking. Light and stretchy, yet optimal protection
The fit complements the natural characteristics of your hand and lets you ride in comfort all day long.

Hunter Collection

Our no-compromise line for shredding mountains to pieces
Don't miss out on the opportunity to go exploring even when the weather is bad. The Hunter collection consists of versatile, apparel to keep you warm, dry and comfy when you hit the trails.


Taking the hunt to the professional level.
The Falconer helmet is inspired by the aerodynamic properties of the peregrine falcon, the fastest member of the animal kingdom. That’s why it’s the chosen helmet of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, the very first UCI ProTeam from Norway.


Paddlesports is refocused, but still central in brand DNA.
Dating back to the mid 80’s, when the early founders of Sweet Protection fell in love with the local rivers and play spots, Paddlesports has been an important part of the brand DNA and history.


It’s not a jack of two trades, It’s a master of both.
The Arbitrator helmet converts from a highly ventilated trail helmet to a full-fledged carbon fiber downhill beast by the flick of a switch. Settle your dispute with the g-forces and ride in confidence.



Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. Using our Falconer Aero MIPS and Tucker MIPS helmets we believe they will make a strong impression in the professional peloton this season.

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The Trailblazer MIPS Helmet

As trail riding and bikes evolve, so should the performance of your helmet. The Trailblazer is the latest evolution of our pioneering multi-piece variable elasticity shell technology, leading the way in protection performance. Now you can blaze new trails with superior protection and confidence.

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Pole Enduro

Sweet Protection are continuing our focus on MTB Enduro with the main sponsorship agreement with Pole Enduro Race Team. The Pole team will race in the Enduro World Series using our Helmets, Eyewear and Protection.

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