RIG® gives you the vision to push your limits no matter where you play.

Short for Retina Illumination Grading, RIG® is Sweet Protection’s revolutionary lens technology created to provide superior, contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue. Developed based on the physics of light transmission, the patent pending transmittance curve in all RIG® lenses controls which wavelengths of light are transmitted to increase your ability to see more details. Offering undistorted Class 1 optics, RIG® provides game-changing vision that allows you to push your limits no matter where you play.  ​

Core benefits

Every single product in the RIG® products range offers three core benefits:

Increased contrast

By boosting relevant colors in the environment, RIG® lens technology will help your eyes to see contrast in challenging light conditions.

Minimum color distortion

RIG® lens technology will provide minimum color distortion to let you see the environment “as is” while aiding your perception of depth.

Reduced eye fatigue

By blocking out UV light and high energy violet light, your eyes and brain will fell less tired over time.

Sweet Protection: RIG your experience


The Ski and Snowboard Goggle Collection using RIG® lens technology.


Memento, Shinobi or Ronin, we have the styles to help you achieve the look and performance you desire. The RIG® lens technology is available in all our eyewear models.

Shinobi sport performance sunglasses

Built around a 2.2mm thick toric lens and with an easy and secure lens-change mechanism
Ideal for high speed activity, Shinobi is made to race the clock and help you come our ahead of time after time.

Experience the difference

A complete selection covering all needs. No matter the condition.

RIG® Bixbite

Our definite all-round lens. To be used in days with cloudy intervals to flat light. Providing the users eyes with maximum information and contrast.

VLT: 25% Category: S2

RIG® Malaia

This lens is perfect for cloudy days with sunny intervals. The RIG® Malaia has a clean mirror lens and is well balanced as an all-rounder very similar to the RIG® Bixbite.

VLT 20% Category: S2

RIG® Emerald

The RIG® Emerald lens falls into the same category as the RIG® Topaz. A highly versatile lens that works well across a wide range of conditions. RIG® Emerald creates contrast, but without fatiguing the user’s eyes.

VLT: 12% Category: S3

RIG® Topaz

The RIG® Topaz lens is the workhorse in the Sweet Protection lens collection. A highly versatile lens that works very well in both overcast and high-sun conditions with a lot of information for the eyes. RIG® Topaz creates contrast, but without fatiguing the user’s eyes.

VLT: 12% Category: S3

RIG® Aquamarine

Optimal for high visibility conditions with a lot of sun. The finely tuned light transmission curve on the RIG® Aquamarine creates optimal contrasts, without fatiguing the eyes.

VLT 11% Category: S2

RIG® Obsidian

A lens for high altitude mountaineering or very sunny conditions. The lens has a very low light transmission making it easy on the eye. The RIG® technology offers better contrast, without fatiguing the eyes.

VLT 9% Category: S4

RIG® Photochromic

Photochromic lens that automatically adapts to changing light featuring our RIG® contrast enhancing lens technology.

VLT: 75-14%