Engineered with Formula 1 aerodynamic expertise, and developed in collaboration with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips might possibly be the fastest helmet on the planet.

2Vi® Helmet Technology

2Vi® Helmet Technology

The 2Vi® helmet technology platform consists of a next generation variable elasticity shell technology, a pre-preg carbon shell combined with an advanced shock-absorbing rib structure and the Mips low-friction layer. Mips reduces the impact of rotational energy on the head by enabling a relative movement between the head and helmet.

Laminar Flow Bypass Duct

Laminar Flow Bypass Duct

Air enters through the intake duct on the helmets stagnation point and is accelerated through a closed laminar flow duct. Air exits at the trailing edge of the helmet at a higher speed than the air on the outside surface, which then flows around the rider’s shoulders to reduce the overall drag.

Flush-fitting Visor

Flush-fitting Visor

A close fitting and flush visor with two bypass ducts improves aerodynamics and prevents fogging. The visor is interchangeable and uses integrated magnets allow for easy-to-use and secure visor application for a seamless fit. The helmet comes complete with an interchangeable clear and a smoke visor.

Matt Black

Redeemer 2Vi® Mips: Matte Black

Gloss White

Redeemer 2Vi® Mips: Gloss White

A Force to be Reckoned with

The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips in numbers.

Formula 1 racing industry


Developed with aerodynamic expertise directly from the Formula 1 racing industry

Extensive wind tunnel testing


Extensive wind tunnel testing at Silverstone conducted across eight iterations of prototypes

Formula 1 racing industry


Optimised for the 2022 U23 ITT World Champion Søren Wærenskjoldin his TT-position

analysis at Silverstone


Informed by 100 hours of computational fluid dynamics analysis at Silverstone

Behind the design: Redeemer 2Vi® Mips helmet

Behind the Design: Redeemer 2Vi® Mips helmet

Learn what it takes to design and build one of the most advanced time trial helmet.

"For the overall aerodynamics of a racing cyclist, the helmet is critical. Hence why we have worked so hard on optimising this helmet, for the best possible time trial performance."

— Casper von FolsachPerformance Coach | Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

The Redeemer is a seriously fast helmet.
Time for redemption

Time for Redemption

The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips inspires peak performance through advanced aerodynamics, comfort and features for the redemption of minutes, seconds, and victories. 


2Vi: Revolution in Evolution

Stronger. Lighter. Better. Introducing the next generation helmet technology platform. Engineered to outperform in performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

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Bushwhacker 2Vi

The Bushwhacker 2Vi® Mips is our flagship mountain bike helmet - Lighter, lower volume, and improved protection technology. Triple certified to new e-bike standard impact resistance, increased coverage and ventilation, eyewear integration, out of the box fit, and a sleek, modern, understated look and feel.

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Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. Using our Falconer Aero Mips and Tucker Mips helmets we believe they will make a strong impression in the professional peloton this season.

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