Ronin Polarized Replacement Lens

$103.96 $129.95
Make sure you cover all conditions with spare lenses for your Ronin sport performance sunglasses. The Polarized lens blocks the glare by filtering out the horizontal light, this helps eliminate glare e.g. from water shining directly into your eyes.
Select colors: Obsidian Black Polarized
  • Obsidian Black Polarized
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Ronin Polarized Replacement Lens
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Ronin Polarized Replacement Lens

$103.96 $129.95
  • Obsidian Black Polarized
Availability: In Stock
Weight 110

Product Description


Make sure you cover all conditions with spare lenses for your Ronin sport performance sunglasses. The Ronin uses our premium 2.2mm thick machined edges Toric lens to provide unrivalled field of vision and superior optical properties. Changing the lens is done in a few seconds.

  • 2.2mm Toric lens with high impact resistance

  • Super oleophobic- and hydrophobic coating

  • 100% UV protection

  • Supreme field of vision

How to take care of your product:

Care instructions


  • The outer lens is treated with a super oleophobic and a hydrophobic coating to help clear visibility and to make sure the goggles are easy to clean and maintain. To help preserve the optical quality of Sweet Protection outer lenses, your new eyewear comes with a woven, microfiber cloth bag specially designed for cleaning and storage. Hand wash and air dry the microfiber bag regularly.
  • To avoid fogging of the goggles, each inner lens is embedded with a premium anti-fog treatment. Do not touch or rub the inner lens, as you will deteriorate/ damage the anti-fog treatment. To clean the anti-fog inner lens, gently touch the inner lens surface with a clean micro fiber cloth/goggle bag to absorb excess moisture. Do not use the Sweet Protection lens cleaning kit or any other cleaning agent on the inner lens.
  • If snow or water should collect inside the goggle, follow these steps:
  • - Shake excess snow from the goggle interior. Clear all ventilation ports and lens vents. Use the goggle bag that is included with your goggle to gently blot any remaining moisture.
  • - Allow time for moisture to dissipate. Once the goggle is put back on, keep moving as much as possible. Airflow through the vents will help dry the goggle.
  • Guidelines to maximize performance and longevity:
  • - Avoid resting the goggle on your forehead, hat or helmet. This reduces the efficiency of ventilation ports and exposes the interior to moisture vapor from melting snow, perspiration and body oils. To minimize fogging, always keep your goggles on your face.
  • For proper cleaning and storage, remember the following:
  • - Do not use paper products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials to clean the goggle. - Allow the goggle to air dry before storing for extended periods.
  • - Do not leave the goggle in areas of concentrated heat and sunlight, such as on a car dashboard or hanging from a rearview mirror.
  • - Protect the lens and face foam by storing the goggle in its protective bag. The best way of storing your google is in the Sweet Protection goggle case which is sold separately. Please visit your local authorized Sweet Protection dealer or visit: www.sweetprotection.com to purchase this item.
  • Sweet Protection lens cleaning kit are specifically formulated and approved to use on Sweet Protection outer lenses. Otherwise, use only mild soap and water to clean your product. Dry after rinsing by gently blotting with the microfiber goggle bag provided.