Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips helmet


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Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips helmet

The Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips by Sweet Protection is their most advanced road cycling helmet developed with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team to deliver aerodynamic performance, optimum comfort and enhanced protection in a seriously fast and lightweight package. The hunt is on.

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Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips helmet

Stonger. Lighter. Better. Faster.

The New Falconer 2Vi® Mips platform

Whether sprinting down switchbacks, maxing watts in the flats or tucking on the top tube, riders know what they need from a helmet. To make them even lighter, better and faster, Sweet Protection has given its iconic Falconer helmet collection a significant technical and design upgrade. The new Falconer AERO 2Vi® Mips helmet and the Falconer 2Vi Mips helmet are Sweet Protection’s top-of-the-line road cycling helmets, and are designed to keep riders confident, more comfortable and stylish.

The new line of road helmets is features Sweet Protection’s own 2Vi® helmet technology platform that is engineered to increase safety and comfort. The multifaceted 2Vi® technology platform consists of three major building blocks: The next generation shell technology with variable elasticity, a complex multi-density EPS shock absorbing structure, and a 2-layer Mips Brain Protection Technology combine to reduce harmful rotational forces of certain impacts that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head.

Two Configurations


Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips helmet

✓ 2Vi® Helmet Technology

✓ Mips® Safety System

✓ 360 Occigrip Fit system

✓ STACC ventilation

✓ Detachable Aerocovers™

✓ Fidlock Magnetic Buckle


Falconer 2Vi Mips Helmet

✓ 2Vi® Helmet Technology

✓ Mips® Safety System

✓ 360 Occigrip Fit system

✓ STACC ventilation

× Detachable Aerocovers™

× Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

Virginia Tech Biomechanics Helmet Lab

Five Star Rating

In collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Virginia Tech Biomechanics Helmet Lab impact tests helmets to evaluate its ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. Virginia Tech has conducted these tests since 2011 and the ratings are the culmination of over 10 years of research on head impacts in sports to identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk.

Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips places 7th out of almost 200 bike helmets, including full-face downhill helmets and E-bike certified commuter helmets. Third in road helmets, and first if you count "aero road" only.

Adapted Fit

Match with your Eyewear

We design our products to work together. By choosing Sweet Protection sports-performance eyewear you will have the best possible interface with this helmet. The helmets are especially designed to integrate well with Sweet Protection eyewear. Our 360 Occigrip system is designed to integrate seamlessly with our sunglasses.

If you don’t wear the shades, you can easily store those in the helmet. The eyewear gripper will make sure that those stay safe.

Road to Paris

Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. We are proud to support the team as they aim to make their mark in the major pelotons and compete in the prestigious 2023 Tour de France.

Rider Spotlight

Alexey Vermeulen

Alexey Vermeulen, the 26-year-old dachshund-loving former WorldTour racer turned gravel aficionado from Boulder, Colorado. Though he started his career on skinny tires, he traded his standings in the WorldTour for dirt and knobby tires in 2018. Meet the American!

Ivar Slik

Ivar Slik, 29 years old, fell in love with cycling as a child. After ten years in professional road cycling, in continental and pro continental teams, he decided to take on a new challenge. He is a triple threat, competing in Gravel, MTB and Road. Meet the dutchman!

Team RadFritzen

Team Radfritzen is a mixed crowd of riders in black jerseys from Hamburg that ride bikes and take you with us. Climbing, pushing each other, sometimes we going faster, sometimes slower, occasionally for the KOMs - what matters is the ride together.

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Stronger. Lighter. Better.



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Lens Guide

The key factor in achieving optimal vision on the mountain is selecting the right lens and its lens technology. At Sweet Protection, we have created our own proprietary lens technology, known as RIG® Lens Technology, developed in Norway to deal with the most difficult light conditions. The technology focuses on providing superior contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.

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2Vi® Technology

Stronger. Lighter. Better. Introducing the next generation helmet technology platform. Engineered to outperform in performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

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Helmet Impact Shields

The impact shield is additional feature to slow down the forces of an impact. Harmonizing with the EPS liner. Impact shields distributes impacts from the inside over a larger surface area. Works where the head has a sharper geometry.¨

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