2Vi®: Revolution in Evolution

Stronger. Lighter. Better. Introducing the next generation helmet technology platform. Engineered to outperform in performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

Stronger. Lighter. Better

2Vi™ is a high-performance helmet technology platform developed by Sweet Protection that is especially designed to increase safety and comfort.

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Trailblazer MIPS helmet

Variable elasticity shell

Multiple Polycarbonate shells in different thicknesses and geometries working together to provide the right properties in the right areas.

Trailblazer MIPS helmet

Shock absorbing liner

Complex multi-density EPS shock absorbing structure with four impact shields, one in each corner of the head.


Mips© AIR

The Mips low friction layer is laminated to the comfort lining to provide best possible comfort with least possible weight added.

The New Igniter 2Vi®

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Race 2Vi Helmet