2Vi®: Revolution in Evolution

Stronger. Lighter. Better. Introducing the next generation helmet technology platform. Engineered to outperform in performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

Stronger. Lighter. Better

2Vi™ is a high-performance helmet technology platform developed by Sweet Protection that is especially designed to increase safety and comfort.

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Trailblazer MIPS helmet

Next generation variable elasticity shell technology

  • Vastly improved 1st line of defense, increased rigidity and elasticity

  • Improved impact performance throughout

  • Lighter, yet stronger

Trailblazer MIPS helmet

Complex geometry multi-density shock absorbing liner

  • Improved impact dissipation based on the geometry of the human head

  • Internal rib structure works with MIPS low friction layer to reduce rotational forces/p>

  • Three different densities, all in-molded into one single structure


2-Layer MIPS brain protection technology

  • Reduces the risk geometrical lock

  • Improves performance

  • Increased comfort

Our 2Vi® Mips Snow Helmet Collection

  • The Grimnir 2Vi® The Grimnir 2Vi®
  • The Trooper 2Vi The Trooper 2Vi
  • The Igniter 2Vi The Igniter 2Vi
  • The Trooper 2Vi SL The Trooper 2Vi SL
  • Trooper Team Edition Trooper Team Edition
  • The New Igniter 2Vi®

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