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Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport is one skier who needs no introduction. That’s kinda just what happens when you’re a two-time world champion, ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14ers in one season, ski Everest, and star in 36 Warren Miller and Matchstick production films.

Home: Colorado
Age: 48
Work: Big-mountain skier and mountaineer

«In winter, I ski every day. That's what makes me happy. It's my purpose in life. I love it so much.»

Welcome on board Chris! How de you feel about joining the team of a rather small company from Norway?

A number of things excite me about Sweet. I’m a big fan of Scandinavia, culturally, and Norway, specifically. I've spent plenty of time there traveling and have been around so many ski racers and generally have an affinity for all things Norwegian. I continue to follow World Cup racing as both a spectator and commentator. My Red Bull teammate Aksel Lund Svindal is a Sweet athlete and that's exciting for me.

How much of a gear junkie are you?

Being a pro for 25+ years, I've been involved in lots of design processes and through all of that, I’ve truly grown to love gear. I love tinkering and making it better, and to work with a brand like Sweet and help grow the product side... I’m so stoked.

Chris Davenport | sweet protection Chris Davenport | sweet protection

What’s the goal when you chose your product partners?

I love sharing the stoke of the sport and getting out on the mountains, and it's just a nice release, especially these days, to be out communing with nature in gear that makes it easier and more fun than ever.



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