Falconer 2Vi® Mips Helmet

For the long climbs where both aerodynamics and ventilation are crucial.

Tucker 2Vi® Mips Helmet

An exceptional road helmet, primarily used on flat stages for its remarkable aerodynamics.

Redeemer 2Vi® Mips Helmet

Our most technical time trial helmet yet, engineered with Formula 1 aerodynamic expertise.

Ronin RIG® Reflect

Especially designed for high-intensity rides with great field of vision.

Shinobi RIG® Reflect

Our bestseller with solid lens attachment for high speed activities.

Memento RIG® Reflect

Defined by its large frame that goes all around the cylindrical lens, slightly thinner and lighter than the other models.

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Our athletes



On our "Meet Our Athletes" page, you can explore the incredible stories and achievements of the athletes who trust and rely on Sweet Protection gear. From daring mountain bikers conquering rugged trails to fearless skiers and snowboarders carving through powdery slopes, our athletes embody the spirit of adventure and resilience.

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Unbound Gravel

It’s the spirit that 4,000 riders bring with them to the Flint Hills of Kansas for one weekend each spring; the spirit of an event that began with 34 participants in 2006 and now stands as the “World’s Premier Gravel Event.”

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Our athletes


Aniol Serrasolses

Aniol Serrasolses is a professional kayaker known for his daring expeditions and exceptional skills on the water.

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Our athletes


Harald Philipp

Harald Philipp stands as a luminary figure in the realm of mountain biking, renowned for his unparalleled skill, daring spirit, and profound passion for exploring the world's most challenging terrain.

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