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Sweet Tech Talk:
The Switcher

“The technical aspect of the helmet is the most important for me. Safety always comes first, but if the helmet can look good as well, I would say that is the best deal.”  ”

– Leo Slemett, World Champion Freeride skier.

The Switcher helmet
made for all-mountain comfort

The award-winning Switcher helmet is designed for all-mountain performance, feeling equally at home floating through the deepest backcountry powder or carving groomers at the resort.

“Ever since I started skiing, taking risk has been a big part of my learning process. And after trying out a few different helmets, I found that sweet protection was the best fit for me”

Leo Slemett

The Switcher helmet will easily adapt to different temperatures and intensity levels. User friendliness in terms of ventilation interface and adjustability of the helmet sets a new standard within comfort.

“We believe that traditional hybrid helmets have a less than ideal construction. Based on that, we created our Advanced Hybrid Construction which is a unique combination of In-Mold and Hard Shell that offers the best combination of rigidity and elasticity according to the biometrics of the head,” explains director of design and development Staale Moeller. “The result is a line of helmets that are more rigid or more elastic depending on what part of the head is being protected.”

Sweet’s design philosophy is simple: make the best and safest high-performance helmets by finding the sweet spot between world class impact protection, low volume and light weight. The Switcher helmet is simply the latest example of this philosophy in practice.

The Tech Grit

World class impact protection

Variable elasticity Advanced Hybrid Shell
The unique lightweight and advanced Hybrid Shell is a combination of an 0,99 mm in-molded polycarbonate and 2 mm ABS hard shell construction, which gives it a variable construction. The hard shells reinforce the circumference of the helmet, helping to distribute and transfer the load of impact forces and energies in critical areas, while the in-molded areas ensure elasticity is kept where needed.

Impact shields – Optimized Impact Distribution Technology
The impact shields are designed to provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. It distributes impact forces from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in crucial zones where the head needs it the most.

Superior ventilation properties

Ventilation – optimized in every detail
The Switcher features 20 integrated air channels that is easy to adjust by one single turn on the One-turn ventilation system. The vents are strategically placed to optimize cooling by airflow when needed. Main ventilation is 6 forward facing vents and 14 reward facing vents. Multiple internal channels funnels air through the helmet. Turn left to open and right to close.

STACC ventilation – Superficial Temporal Arteries Cooling Channel
Separate STACC vent sliders open the vents on each side. A front vent, an internal channel and an exhaust vent cools down the temporal artery without exposing your temples which is the most vulnerable area of the head. Wide air channels front to back on the inside of the helmet.

Goggle Ventilation
Passive goggle vents in the front area of the helmet prevents goggles from fogging up. Internal channels funnels air from the goggles through the front vents.