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Henrik Kristoffersen

Henrik got his first pair of skis in January 1999 and started skiing in Marikollen Skisenter, a small hill about five minutes from where he grew up, in Rælingen, Norway. His father and former ski racer, Lars Kristoffersen, introduced him to the sport and hooked him to training from the age of six – and today he’s one of the most winning Norwegian alpinists through history.

Henriks Race Collection

A collection of Henrik’s collection and gear when he is out chasing gold medals.

Highlights of his career

  • World Champion Slalom Winner 2023

  • Audi FIS SL overall winner 2022

  • Audi FIS GS overall winner 2020

  • Audi FIS SL overall winner 2020

  • FIS Alpine World Champion GS 2019

  • Audi FIS SL overall winner 2016

  • Youngest male Olympic Medal winner in alpine skiing history

  • Youngest Norwegian male World cup race winner

  • Youngest male Europa cup race winner

  • Most Gold Medals (6) and total Medals (8) in World Junior Championships

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Years of Partnership

Henrik has played a vital role in our athlete team for several years. His attention to detail and insistence on nothing but the very best are invaluable qualities, especially when we're testing products in their early stages. His input allows us to make crucial improvements, maximizing the potential of our offerings.

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