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Helmet Technology

Fundamental to our helmet philosophy is the fact that the ultimate helmet exists in the combination of world class impact protection, low volume and low weight.

Our rule is never to shave off weight by compromising the performance. It is achieved by innovation and engineering, brought to life with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing methods. Our distinctive design and attitude is reflected in the products and is an essential role in each creation and concept.

All our helmets are constructed with interconnected layers of protection, enabling us to create helmets with low volume, light weight and still offering world class impact protection. Our highest performing helmets consists of four layers illustrated beneath:

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Helmet Layers

This page will cover the following:


The MIPS brain protection system is a helmet-integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.


Each shell consists of several areas that has variable elasticity and rigidity. The properties are tuned to work with the anatomy of the skull, protecting the week spots without adding unnecessary weight or volume.

Impact Shields

Sweet Protection impact shields distributes impacts from the inside over a larger surface area. Works in areas where the heads' geometry has a sharper radii, such as the forehead or rear occipital lobe.


The liner is the main shock absorbing structure. The main liner is made out of relative low density EPS foam which is tuned to match the properties of the shell. The EPS foam has ideal crush characteristics to effectively reduce forces in an impact.

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Gear Guide

We all know that having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to comfort, performance, and safety on the road or trail. Our selection includes gear for the road cyclist, the mountain biker as well as the commuter. Keep an eye our for our award-winning cycling helmets, eyewear, protection and clothing that will keep you safe and confident to live to play another day.

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Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips helmet

The Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips by Sweet Protection is their most advanced road cycling helmet developed with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team to deliver aerodynamic performance, optimum comfort and enhanced protection in a seriously fast and lightweight package. The hunt is on.

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Lens Guide

The key factor in achieving optimal vision on the mountain is selecting the right lens and its lens technology. At Sweet Protection, we have created our own proprietary lens technology, known as RIG® Lens Technology, developed in Norway to deal with the most difficult light conditions. The technology focuses on providing superior contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.

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2Vi® Technology

Stronger. Lighter. Better. Introducing the next generation helmet technology platform. Engineered to outperform in performance and comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

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