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Ben Marr

For Ben Marr flatwater canoe trips at age 2 evolved into whitewater trips, which evolved into canoe lessons at 7 and then into trying kayaking at age 9.

As the years went on, more and more time was spent on the water. Eventually, this led to travelling the world to search out new rivers and finally paddling full time from the age of 26.

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Your favorite products and why

My favorite products are the Strutter and the Intergalatic DrySuit. I paddle most of the year in cold water, so being warm and dry for long days or short sessions, keeps everything that much more pleasant. The Strutter has been my go-to helmet for years, I love that thing and it protects your eyes from the sun.


“I don’t compete too much, but I recently took a win away from all the younger freestyle kayakers in Quebec. The competition was fun and light hearted, more than anything it was just ammunition for me while I talk with them.

I always look forward to the North Fork Championship in Idaho, but this year there are some expeditions that have me particularly excited. I’m heading North with Aniol to crack open an amazing first descent gorge.”