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Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, Sweet Protection Extend Collaboration, Will Develop New Time Trial Helmet

The Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and Sweet Protection have announced that they have renewed their agreement for an additional three years, making Sweet Protection the team’s exclusive supplier of helmets and eyewear until 2025.
The two companies have also announced they will collaborate on a joint project to develop the world's safest and fastest time trial helmet.

Sweet Protection is recognized by many for delivering helmets that are among the safest in the world, used and tested by world-class athletes in snow, cycling and paddle sports. The visionary company leverages its Norwegian roots and foundation to expand its presence on a global scale and in key cycling markets.
“We are delighted with a new, long-term agreement with Sweet Protection. We are a Scandinavian cycling team and it is valuable to develop strong partnerships at home, with people who share our mindset and values,” said Magne Haugland, Commercial Partnership Manager with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. The partnership between Uno-X Pro Cycling and Sweet Protection started in 2019. In addition to being the exclusive supplier of helmets and glasses, the new agreement also includes apparel.
“It is essential for us to partner with teams and athletes that share our passion for pushing industry standards to the limits and who don’t accept second best,” said Bjørn Fjellstad, General Manager at Sweet Protection. “With Uno-X we don’t only share the passion for making the best, safest and fastest products, but we also share a desire to push the boundaries of athletic performance. We’re extremely excited to strengthen our collaboration with Uno-X in the future.”

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Both parties share a passion for inspiring activity and facilitating performance development at all levels of sport. The companies’ new, ambitious project to develop the world's fastest time trial helmet is already well underway and should be completed for the 2023 season.
“Our goal is to offer our riders the best possible framework, both as human beings and top athletes. Sweet Protection has, for several years, made one of the safest helmets on the market,” Haugland said. “We look forward to working with Sweet Protection to be among the fastest in the world.”
“Our collaboration with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is exciting, and we’re working closer together than ever before on a variety of projects,” siad Ståle N. Møller, Director of Design & Development with Sweet Protection. “It’s very inspiring to develop products with a group of people who share the same ambition, and who value details that will make our products stronger, lighter, better, and faster.”

About Uno-X Pro Cycling Team

Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is owned and operated by the mobility company Uno-X Mobility, with the mission to develop and promote solutions for sustainable mobility through its operations under the Uno-X and YX brands in Norway and Denmark. Uno-X Mobility has a long-lasting passion for cycling - the very heart of sustainable mobility.

About Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection is a Norwegian brand owned by Active Brands. The brand was established in 2000 with a vision to create the world's best protective equipment that inspires people to move their boundaries. Sweet Protection combines industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship to create the safest, and most advanced helmets, goggles, body protection and technical clothing available. Live to play another day.


Magne Haugland, Commercial Partnership Manager, Uno-X Pro Cycling Team
E: magne.haugland@unox.no | P: +47 481 08 584

Pascal Herrmann, Marketing Manager, Sweet Protection.
E: pascal.herrmann@sweetprotection.com | P: +47 467 08 410 .

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