Redeemer 2Vi® Mips - The Ultimate Time Trial Helmet


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A Nemesis of Time

Engineered with Formula 1 aerodynamic expertise, and developed in collaboration with the Uno-X Mobility, the Redeemer 2Vi® Mips might possibly be the fastest helmet on the planet.

Time for Redemption

Redeemer 2Vi® Mips Helmet

Behind the Helmet

Product Information

Redeemer 2Vi® Mips Time Trial Helmet features our 2Vi® technology platform for increased performance and comfort with Mips® Air Safety System for protection against rotational forces. The helmet has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing conducted across eight iterations of prototypes and has been informed by 100 hours of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis at Silverstone. Its innovative airflow design reduces the overall drag by channeling air through an intake duct and closed laminar flow bypass duct. The close-fitting visor with bypass ducts enhances aerodynamics and prevents fogging. It is easily interchangeable with integrated magnets for a seamless fit. The helmet comes with clear and smoke visors. The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips inspires peak performance through advanced aerodynamics, comfort, and features for the redemption of minutes, seconds, and victories.

Note: the helmet is NOT available for purchase in the US.

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Two Colorways

Uno-X Mobility

The Redeemer 2Vi® Mips is Sweet Protection’s premium time trial helmet and developed with aerodynamic know-how from Formula 1 and in close collaboration with Uno-X Mobility. Designed to make the world’s best even faster.

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