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Connor RIG® Reflect Goggles with Extra Lens

290.00 USD
Lens: RIG® Aquamarine + RIG® Light Amethyst (Extra Lens)
RIG Aquamarine+RIG L Amethyst/Satin White/White
RIG Topaz+RIG L Amethyst/Matte Black/Black

Light conditions

  • Night
  • Cloudy
  • Partly Cloudly
  • Sunny
  • Bright Sun
VLT: 12%Category: S3
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Designed for

All mountain


RIG® is a revolutionary lens technology developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.



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The terrain just got sharper. The landing spot clearer. And your whoop after the epic run louder. We developed our own RIG® lens technology to create superior contrast, minimize color distortion and reduce eye fatigue. And then carefully engineered it into the frameless design of the Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle, to give the largest field of vision in a medium goggle. So now there’s literally nothing to distract you from being out there.

*This model includes an extra bonus lens; the RIG® Light Amethyst.

Important WARNING for California residents. Read more

Designed for the go big or go home that freeriding gives us all, the Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle wraps your eyes in a frameless, wide view that lets you see the best of your playground. Our RIG® technology boosts your vision with enhanced contrast yet natural colors, and helps keep your eyes sharp for every drop, pillow and landing, whatever the conditions. A toric sculpted lens protects your eyes from any projectiles Mother Nature might chuck at you. And if the conditions change, you can easily switch up your goggle lens for optimal performance. Crafted for comfort and zero distraction, the Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle is the ultimate goggle for riders called to give the mountain their most. Vision Of The Unlimited.

The Connor RIG® Reflect Goggles include an extra lens - the RIG® Light Amethyst, specifically designed to excel in flat light and challenging conditions.

Care instructions

  • Wipe with a damp cloth

Material specifications

    Key Features

    Frameless Design

    As our first frameless goggle, we’ve focused on giving the widest field of vision in a medium sized goggle with Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle. Lap up the unlimited views of your natural playground and see everything that’s coming up on the run. ​

    Extra Lens Included - RIG® Light Amethyst

    This model includes an extra bonus lens; the RIG® Light Amethyst (VLT: 35%) which is optimal for overcast days with flat light.

    RIG® Lens Technology

    We have developed our own revolutionary lens technology in RIG® - Retina Illumination Grading. It gives you superior contrast, enhancing your vision with minimum color distortion, even in the most challenging conditions. Plus RIG® reduces eye fatigue, so there’s nothing to limit you seeing and going big all day long.​

    Toric Sculpted Lens

    We sculpted a super rigid lens that will protect your face and eyes, rigorously tested to withstand projectile impacts. And with a machined lens edge that simply pops out of the injection molded polyamide lens panel, you can switch up your view in an instant, no limits.​

    Easy Lens Change

    Make sure you’re covered for all conditions with an arsenal of lenses. The Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle lets you change lenses as fast as Mother Nature changes her mind about the weather.

    Super-slim Frame with 3D Mesh Vents

    Be gone, bulky goggles. We crafted the Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle to wrap snugly on your face, and create the optimal working conditions for your eyes through protective 3D mesh vents. Together with GORE® vents, they equalize the variable atmospheric pressure on the mountain and avoid deformation in the inner lens that could interfere with your vision.

    Low Profile Molded Strap Mounts

    As the Connor RIG® Reflect Goggle is frameless, we wanted to continue that sleekness with the way the goggle strap mounts fit with your helmet. So now nothing spoils your line, in look or in your slopestyle as you go big out there.​

    Clear A-F Inner Lens

    The technology that we employ in most of our goggles provides triple the anti-fog effectiveness compared to a standard inner lens, ensuring that you have clear vision in the most challenging conditions.​

    Triple-Layer Face Foam

    No-one wants to pull off their goggles after a ton of laps to have them still be on their face in the form of a big red mark. So we made sure things stay three-layer comfy and breathable, all day, every day.​

    GORE® Protective Vents

    GORE® Protective Vents is used to equalize the pressure between the outer lens and the inner lens, preventing deformation of the lens in different altitudes to maintain perfect optical properties in all conditions. By including GORE® Protective Vents, we can equalize the pressure with no risk of condensation inside of the lens.

    Super Olephobic & Hydrophobic Coating

    Super Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Coating is a protective layer on the lenses that prevents water, dirt, and grime from adhering, making them easy to maintain cleanliness.

    Lens Guide

    What lens should I pick?

    You can compare all our goggle-lenses by clicking the “compare lenses” further up, but if you want to understand more, we’ve put together a lens guide for you here.