Uno-X | Four cyclists in sportswear, Falconer helmets and raske briller fra Sweet Protection ride bicycles.

Uno-X feat. Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. They will be using ‘Sweet’s’ Helmets, Eyewear and off-bike wear the next seasons when trying to make a mark in the major pelotons.

The products they use

  • Falconer II Aero Mips Helmet Falconer II Aero Mips Helmet
  • Tucker Helmet Tucker Helmet
  • Ronin RIG® Reflect raske briller Ronin RIG® Reflect raske briller

  • Falconer II Aero Mips helmet

    Taking the hunt to the professional level.

    The Falconer helmet is inspired by the aerodynamic properties of the peregrine falcon, the fastest member of the animal kingdom. That’s why it’s the chosen helmet of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, the very first UCI Pro Team from Norway.

    A cyclists in Uno X sportswear and Falconer helmets from Sweet Protection ride bicycle.

    The Falconer Aero Helmet is a top-of-the-line helmet for fast-paced cycling. The helmet comes with our unique easily removable Aerocovers™ to lower the aerodynamic drag even further. The aerodynamic geometry is developed to provide extreme ventilation, the result is a quicker and more comfortable ride – all wrapped in our four-piece variable elasticity shell technology for great protection. This model is equipped with the Mips, a low-friction layer solution designed to reduce rotational forces transferred to the brain. Happy hunting. Weight: 285g + 45g Aerocovers™

    Uno-x team cycling wearing Sweet Protection bike helmets and eyewear Falconer helmets from Sweet Protection

    Free lens cleaning kit included!

    Ronin RIG® Reflect


    The Tucker Mips helmet

    Never laugh at somebody else’s failure.

    If you think drag is bad when riding your bike, talk to someone developing practical solutions for supersonic flights. In 1945 the U.S. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, nowadays known as NASA, came up with an ill-suited solution for drag reduction on jet engine intakes. It turned out to be the perfect solution for the Tucker helmet, creating ventilation without causing drag. It will cut through air like a knife with or without the visor, making it the most versatile aero helmet available. Now it’s up to you to tuck and go.

    Tucker Mips

    Breaking the mold of traditional time-trial helmets, the Tucker Mips is lightweight, airy and low profile enough for road races, while still on par with the fastest dedicated time-trial helmets on the market. The helmet is heavily tested in a wind tunnel enabling us to construct the Tucker Mips with an extremely low drag coefficient. The visor can easily be removed and attached with hidden magnets, and the helmet also works well with regular eyewear. This is our fastest helmet yet, all made possible through a groundbreaking carbon fiber reinforced ventilation system. Weight: 360g

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    Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. Using our Falconer Aero Mips and Tucker Mips helmets we believe they will make a strong impression in the professional peloton this season.

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    Coming from a land situated far North, we know the limits of weather. We also know how to push those limits. If we only rode under a sunny, blue sky we would miss out on so many experiences and so much fun.

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    Pole Enduro

    Sweet Protection are continuing our focus on MTB Enduro with the main sponsorship agreement with Pole Enduro Race Team. The Pole team will race in the Enduro World Series using our Helmets, Eyewear and Protection.

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