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The Volata helmet.

Our safest helmet. Yet.

First look of the all new Volata helmet

High speed events demand the safest in protection. Get ready for speed season with the all new Volata helmets.

The Volata helmet program is Sweet Protections brand new race helmet platform suitable for all disciplines in alpine racing. We have utilized all of the latest safety technologies to create a helmet that even the most aggressive Olympic medalists will wear with confidence. The helmets also represent the latest in FIS-approved race helmet development.

“When I can be at the start gate and honestly say that I am not worried about a head injury in my sport, that says something about the faith you put into your helmet"

Aksel Lund Svindal

This premium, World Cup-ready helmet will be offered in a selection of models. The Volata WC Carbon MIPS, is a limited-edition carbon hybrid helmet made in cooperation with our team athlete Aksel Lund Svindal, professional ski-racer and world champion. This extraordinary helmet is delivered in a special box with a signed certificate by Aksel himself, being produced in only 200 pcs. There are also two team edition helmets made. One pro model with our Norwegian team athlete Henrik Kristoffersen and one with our Liechtensteiner team athlete Tina Weirather. Both racing the World cup and both Olympic medalists.

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Made specifically for the Volata helmet program is the Gate Shields, that is placed in front and back of the scull. They protect the shock absorbing structure of the helmet from gate impacts, increasing the durability of the helmet. They also feature the brand new 3L-MIPS system, a unique, three-layer MIPS system developed in unison with MIPS specifically for the Sweet Protection Volata helmets.

See how it works:

“You never really think about the helmet – because you know your helmet is going to do its job no matter what. I don´t need to worry about my head.”

Aksel Lund Svindal



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