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Henrik Kristoffersen

He got his first pair of skis in January 1999. He started skiing in Marikollen Skisenter, a small hill about 5 minutes from where he grew up, in Rælingen, Norway. His father and former ski racer, Lars Kristoffersen introduced Henrik to the sport, hooked him to training from the age of six – and he is now one of the most winning Norwegian alpinists through history. We are of course talking about Henrik Kristoffersen.

Highs and lows

Anyone can relate to having a really good day at work, school, workout, or maybe just a set or sprint – where everything just falls into place and it’s like we’re in a flow state where nothing can stop us… and we’ve all had other days where nothing seems to work at all. We were curious to hear how that experience is for Henrik, as an alpine skier. How does it actually feel to race when everything you’ve spent basically your whole life prepping for, works out? Check out the video below to hear Henrik’s reflections around highs and lows in sports.

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Years of sweet collaboration

Henrik have had an important role in our athlete team for several years now. Henrik is always deep into the details, and he expect nothing but the absolute best, which makes him a perfect match for Sweet Protection when we want to test our products at early stages and add later improvements to maximize the potential of our products.

"We always listen to Henrik, and whenever our team looks into changing anything in regard to our alpine helmets or eyewear, Henrik is the first to test it out to give us feedback on the experience."

- Ståle N. Møller, Director of Design, Sweet Protection

Get into the technical details and hear what Henrik has to say about our collaboration in the video below.



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