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The Clockwork is our supreme field of vision goggle for all round use.

This close-fitting goggle enabling a supreme field of vision has a sculpted toric lens with extreme impact resistance featuring GORE® Protective Vents and the RIG™ lens technology. Comes in two sizes – normal and MAX. Developed in cooperation with our World Cup racers.

Clockwork technology

  • RIG™ lens technology RIG™ lens technology
  • Supreme field of vision Supreme field of vision
  • GORE® Protective Vent GORE® Protective Vent
  • Extreme Impact Resistance Extreme Impact Resistance
  • Sculpted Toric Lens Sculpted Toric Lens
  • Anti fog Anti fog

  • Our RIG™ lens collection

  • RIG™ Light Amethyst RIG™ Light Amethyst
  • RIG™ Bixbite RIG™ Bixbite
  • RIG™ Malaia RIG™ Malaia
  • RIG™ Sapphire RIG™ Sapphire
  • RIG™ Topaz RIG™ Topaz
  • RIG™ Emerald RIG™ Emerald
  • RIG™ Aquamarine RIG™ Aquamarine
  • RIG™ Obsidian RIG™ Obsidian

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    RIG™ Lens Technology

    RIG™ is a revolutionary lens technology developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast enhancing vision with minimum color distortion.

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    The science behind RIG™

    In order to explain exactly what RIG does and how we achieve the objective of enhancing the contrasts on the mountain we have to take a step back to the basic physics classes. Learn more about our RIG Lens Technology

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    Clockwork World Cup

    The Clockwork World Cup is a close-fitting goggle enabling a field of vision like no other goggle on the market developed in cooperation with and used by our World Cup racers.

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