Coming from a land situated far North, we know the limits of weather. We also know how to push those limits. If we only rode under a sunny, blue sky we would miss out on so many experiences and so much fun.

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We have learned to enjoy the different conditions.
Adapt to the seasons. We don’t let bad weather stop us. We don’t fear the rain.

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We continue to push ourselves. Enjoy ourselves. And ride hard. No matter the conditions.

We also continue to work hard, creating superior protection, so that you’re able to do the same.

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The collection

It’s all about finding the right gear for the right conditions. With our mudhunter collection we aim to please all of you who continue to ride when the temperature drops or when the sky turns dark. Introducing our Merino wool blend for optimal comfort and temperature regulating properties we cover the full range of weather conditions.

Have a look at the products offered below:

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