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The Trooper II helmet

The ultimate freeride helmet.

The Trooper is the perfect companion for the backcountry skier or snowboarder who is eager to push their boundaries in challenging terrain. This helmet is specifically designed for providing unsurpassed and durable protection across the whole mountain in all weather conditions.

Our iconic Trooper helmet sets the bar in high-end freeride helmets, being high both on versatility and performance, and it can be named as one of the most advanced helmets on the market. This is a true game-changer in freeride helmet development, and it’s the best to represent Sweet Protections personality, values and brand identity.

The Trooper II is built on multiple layers of protection. The outer shell of the two-piece hard shell, consists of lightweight and rigid laminated carbon fiber. This layer combines the elasticity of injection molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. It enables us to very effectively tune the shell for different properties in different areas for optimized performance.

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Helmet technology


Beneath the outer layer is the main shock absorbing structure. This is made out of low density EPS foam in a solid combination with the impact shields. Together the combination is extremely shock absorbent and tuned to match the properties of the shell. The EPS foam has ideal crush characteristics to reduce the forces of an impact in an effectively way.

Impact shields

The Impact Shields distributes impact forces from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in the most crucial zones as in the forehead and the back of the skull. Harmonizing and working in the combination with the EPS foam liner, they are designed to provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. This is our premium impact protection technology.

Audio Ready

Updated for the 18/19 season is our performance interior making it easier to fasten and adjust. The helmet is also Audio Ready, which means you can listen to your favorite music while riding hard with the Outdoor Tech Chips.