Goggles for Ski & Snowboarding

The Sweet Protection goggles and sunglasses are equipped with RIG® lens technology - our own developed technology which enhances contrast, ensures minimum color distortion and reduces eye fatigue


Our eyewear collection

  • Boondock Boondock
  • Interstellar Interstellar
  • Clockwork Clockwork
  • Clockwork MAX Clockwork MAX
  • Clockwork World Cup Clockwork World Cup
  • Clockwork World Cup MAX Clockwork World Cup MAX
  • Firewall Firewall
  • Ronin Ronin
  • Heat Heat
  • RIG® Technology

    Confidence in Contrast™
    When we venture into a new category or product, we do it wholeheartedly and without letting the present limit our vision. We don’t stop at ‘good enough’, we aim higher - that’s why we developed our own revolutionary lens technology; RIG® - Retina Illumination Grading. The Unique RIG® technology greatly enhances contrasts, offers minimum color distortion and reduces eye fatigue allowing you to maximize your potential.

    The Boondock RIG® goggle

    Your all-new favourite goggle.
    We’re adding an all-new goggle to our eyewear range to accommodate the small to medium sized faces and helmets. Unrivalled field of vision has been one of the unique benefits across the Sweet Protection goggle line, and the newest addition to the eyewear collection is no exception.



    The Interstellar is our no-compromise, revolutionary freeride goggle

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    The Clockwork is our supreme field of vision goggle for all round use. This close-fitting goggle enabling a supreme field of vision has a sculpted toric lens with extreme impact resistance featuring GORE® Protective Vents and the RIG® lens technology. Comes in two sizes – normal and MAX. Developed in cooperation with our World Cup racers.

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    Clockwork World Cup

    The Clockwork World Cup is a close-fitting goggle enabling a field of vision like no other goggle on the market developed in cooperation with and used by our World Cup racers.

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