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  • Falconer II Aero MIPS Falconer II Aero MIPS
  • Trailblazer MIPS Trailblazer MIPS
  • Outrider MIPS Outrider MIPS
  • Ripper MIPS Ripper MIPS
  • Tucker MIPS Tucker MIPS
  • Arbitrator MIPS Arbitrator MIPS
  • Uno-X feat. Sweet Protection

    It’s extremely important for us to push industry standards to the limits, a passion we’ve seen in Uno-X.
    Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of the first UCI Pro Cycling Team from Norway; Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. Using our Falconer Aero MIPS and Tucker MIPS helmets we believe they will make a strong impression in the professional peloton this season.

    The Arbitrator MIPS helmet

    We are revolutionizing the way you ride. You never have to choose sides again.
    Functioning as a 2-in-1 helmet, this full face can easily be converted into a trail biking helmet with just a quick snap-off chin guard. And yes, this is our safest bike helmet, yet, no compromises were given


    Pole Enduro

    Sweet Protection are continuing our focus on MTB Enduro with the main sponsorship agreement with Pole Enduro Race Team. The Pole team will race in the Enduro World Series using our Helmets, Eyewear and Protection.

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    Work life bike

    They ride their bikes for the good coffee, the excitement and the friendships: Meet our road bike ambassadors and follow them on their constant journey of balancing work, biking and life in general.

    Les mer



    Coming from a land situated far North, we know the limits of weather. We also know how to push those limits. If we only rode under a sunny, blue sky we would miss out on so many experiences and so much fun.

    Les mer