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Leo’s bikepacking trip through the Alps

Why this trip was not just a physical challenge

Sweet Protection: Tell us, who is Leo Müller?

Leo Müller: Yoo-hoo! I’m Leo and I love cycling. With my best friend Marius I founded team radfritzen in Germany. Why? Because I hated to cycle alone as a teenager. Now I have a great group of friends who also love to ride their bikes. We all are on different levels, but as a team it’s about having a great time together.

Uno-X tour de france| sweet protection

Sweet Protection: Why is cycling important in your life?

Leo Müller: I need to stretch my own limits. Maybe that sounds weird, but I actually love it. It doesn’t matter if I’m battling bad weather or if I challenge myself on a super long gravel ride. The most important thing is that I’m outside. I try to be on my bike as often as possible, which requires a lot of discipline. But I guess what’s even more important is acceptance and understanding from the people who close to me. Luckily, if I look back at the teenager who was always riding alone, I now have friends who also love to cycle. Therefore I’m super grateful for everyone who accept and understands my need to cycle.

Uno-x tour de france| sweet protection Uno-x tour de france | sweet protection

Sweet Protection: You are in-between jobs and instead of starting right away, you went on a cycling trip. Why?

Leo Müller: What’s more valuable than more time on your bike? Probably nothing, that’s why I negotiated a later start. But there is another big reason for this trip. I’m not afraid of many things, but being alone scares me. To be fair, sharks and snakes are even worse! So, I set myself the goal to do this trip on my own. Goals push me. And when I ride my bike, I’m happy. So I figured this is the perfect combination to challenge my fear of being alone. 17 days alone on my bike.

Uno-x tour de france| sweet protection Uno-x tour de france | sweet protection

Sweet Protection: Tell us about your trip. Where did you go?

Leo Müller: I smashed on my Stevens CX bike through four countries. 2.100km and 35.000meters of elevation. I started in Freiburg, Germany, went to Switzerland to ride some famous mountains like Gotthard, Klausenpass, Sustenpass,… I dipped in a few lakes like Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como Lago di Garda. At that point I needed a restday. But restdays at the pool are just boring… in my mind. I went to Trient, rode up Timmelsjoch and back to Munich visiting my friend Schritzi. That was way too fast! Komoot collection:

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