Lens Guide

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Here you can get inspiration for Sweet Protection content for your e-commerce platform. This lens guide is focussed on our own RIG® Lens Technology. Feel free to add your own “touch” and use your own modules in setting up the guide. This is only meant as inspiration. Remember to add your own CTA-buttons wherever you’d like.

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Lens Guide

Vision in the mountains can be difficult to manage. The key lies in selecting the right lens and its lens technology. Sweet Protection offer their revolutionary RIG® Lens Technology, crafted to tackle even the most challenging light conditions. Developed with precision in Norway, this technology is dedicated to delivering superior contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue. The importance of choosing the right lens for the weather conditions cannot be emphasized enough. Sweet Protection will let you experience Class 1 optics and their lens technology is available in all of their sunglasses and goggle models. This guide will help you choose the right lens.

Lens Overview

Sweet Protection’s RIG® Lens overview divides lenses based on weather conditions. The range includes lenses crafted to deliver the best vision for your days on the slopes or in the backcountry.

What Lens should I have based on the Weather Conditions?

It's recommended to use Sweet Protection’s lens overview for picking the right lens. Yet, here are our suggestions to simplify your choice:

Who are you on the Slopes?

Tailor your lens kit to match the frequency of your skiing and snowboarding adventures. A clear vision enhances the thrill of being in the mountains. Not only does it reduce eye fatigue, but it also makes it more enjoyable and easier to push your limits when you can see clearly.

Here are out suggestions:

Lens Technology

What is RIG®?

RIG® ( Retina Illumination Grading) is a proprietary lens technology that Sweet Protection has developed in Norway. The RIG® technology focuses on providing superior contrast enhancing vision, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.

How is a Sweet Protection lens constructed?

The construction of a lens is a intricate process, as image below illustrates. The image showcases the numerous layers and features in a Sweet Protection lens*. Some of the goggles and lenses offer additional features to further enhance your experience. These features are included in the models with a thicker toric lens.

*The image applies to Sweet Protection’s Clockwork, Interstellar and Connor lenses. The rest of the goggles have a slightly different construction.

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