Ivar Slik and the 2023 edition of Unbound Gravel


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Ivar Slik was born to ride bikes

Ivar Slik was born to ride bikes. After falling in love with the sport as a child, Ivar graduated to ten years in professional road cycling, in both continental and pro continental teams. Road, MTB, gravel, he's done it all. Continually switching it up, he's taken the podium's top step in multiple disciplines.

We did sit down with him for a conversation after the dust settles on the latest instalment of Unbound.

Ivar’s race setup:

200 miles riding in the toughest conditions require a lot - for both Rider and Gear.

“After a sticky mud bath section I noticed the rear derailleur cable was broken and I could only ride on the 11th. With 310 km to go"

Ivar Slik

Unfortunately, the 2023 edition of Unbound didn't present him with the chance to take back-to-back wins. Swamps of mud and difficult conditions put many riders out of contention early on in the race – Slik ploughed on to the finish with only two working gears. A potential victory was snatched from him with a mechanical. Still, that's just how gravel racing is. It's not about winning all the time (as many elite riders won't) but embracing the race as it unfolds. Taking the conditions in hand and enjoying your time on the bike while grafting to the very end.

Ivar’s race setup:

  • Wilier RAVE SLR - Limited Unbound Edition

  • MICHE Carbo Graff Route wheels - Limited Unbound Edition

  • Shimano 52-36 Dura Ace crankset

  • GRX rear derailleur

  • Fi’zi:k saddle

  • Integrated Wilier 140 mm stem + handlebar

  • Schwalbe G-One RS 40mm tires

  • Sweet Protection Falconer Aero 2VI Mips helmet

  • MAAP I.S. Skinsuit

  • Sweet Protection Shinobi RIG® Reflect Sunglasses

The life of a gravel racer is full of ups and downs, and it can be even tougher maintaining race performance as a privateer. Events come thick-and-fast across a packed International schedule, with athletes often globe-hopping the leg-shattering circuit without any team support. Nobody helping with physio, pesky visa submissions, nutrition strategy - making sure you get from point A to B with minimal stress. It can, at times, feel similar to the amateur experience – pulling up to a race with your kit in the car and hoping you’ve not forgotten anything important (you know, like a bike!). Privateers have to race, recover, bounce back and be ready to go again without many of the perks from a professional team environment. Despite the many challenges, Ivar Slik has found his groove in the privateer life, forging his own path to progression and podiums in gravel racing.

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New Team Rider Emil Johansson

Sweet Protection kunngjør et nytt partnerskap med Johansson, en av sin generasjons mest fremtredende MTB-syklister.

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Redeemer 2Vi® Mips Helmet wins Design & Innovation Award 2024

Sweet Protection’s Redeemer 2Vi® Mips time trial helmet won the 2024 Design & Innovation Award in the category of “Equipment Road”. Considered to be the Oscars of the bike and outdoor industry the Redeemer was especially highlighted for its excellent design, ease of use and aerodynamic benefits. This led to a strong impression of its performance for the jury ultimately awarding it as the best in the category.

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The Hunt Is On

Sweet Protection og Uno-X Pro Cycling Team gjør seg klar for årets største begivenhet innen landevei. Nedtellingen har startet, og de siste forberedelsene er i full gang.

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Virginia Tech Bike Helmet Ratings

Nye Falconer 2Vi® Mips Hjelm og Bushwhacker 2Vi Mips Hjelm er blant de beste.

Siden 2011 har forskere ved Virginia Tech levert objektive hjelmtester som hjelper forbrukerne til å ta informerte beslutninger når de kjøper hjelm. Hjelmtestene er et resultat av over 15 år forskning på hodeskader i sport og identifiserer hvilke hjelmer som best reduserer risikoen for hjernerystelse. Testen finansieres av Virginia Tech og er 100% uavhengig av hjelmprodusenter.

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