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Alexey Vermeulen

Meet Alexey Vermeulen, the 26-year-old dachshund-loving former WorldTour racer turned gravel aficionado from Boulder, Colorado. Though he started his career on skinny tires, he also hits the gravel roads with his standings in the WorldTour for dirt and knobby tires in 2018. Alexey is on the Sweet Protection road-cycling team. Meet the American!

Alexey’s Collection

Get road-ready with Alexey’s gear.

Winner - The Beligan Waffle Ride

Sweet Protection-rider Alexey Vermulen with a superior win at the 137-mile long Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego, California in 2022. Here’s Vermeulen’s own words after an amazing win. Let’s go!

“My favorite part about Sweet Protection helmets is how well they fit and moreover, the fact that unlike most companies they cover so much adjustment that I think everyone will love them.”

Alexey Vermulen

Road Cycling

The Crossfire Collection

The Crossfire collection is for anyone who rocks tight gear and looks for adventure on long stretches of road or gravel. The entire collection offers comfort, performance, and protection for longer or multi-day rides.

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