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Johanne Killi

Johanne Killi (born 13th October 1997) is a Norwegian freestyle skier from Dombås. With 7 XG medals in 13 competition starts, Killi consistently delivers at X-Games. She's tied with Marcus Kleveland, also Dombås local, for most medals of any Norwegian athlete in X-Games history. She has tons of style and throws big lofty doubles. After missing out on most of the 2021 season with a torn MCL, she’s hungry to return to the podiums in 2022.

Johanne Killi

Check out what Johanne wears when she is killing the slopestyle scene.

Fun facts

  • What drives you?

    The feeling I get when learning new tricks, and when you do your best and succeed while competing.

  • Random funfact?

    I was struggling with double vision for half a year after a head injury. I was skiing with it, but had to close one eye to see one jump instead of two, and to get a better depth perception.

  • What’s the wildest thing you’ve been part of?

    My passion for skiing. I’ve always been a skier and that’s my guideline in life. The experience I have thanks to my passion makes me feel alive and I can’t imagine a life without skiing.

World Cup Winner

2023 - Killer Season

Johanne tok the 2023 Crystal Globe, winning the overall world cup. This was one of her best season so far, keeping the yellow bib all season through. Let’s go Johanne!

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