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Volata Carbon 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet - Dirt Black

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Mips is a rotational management system, specifically developed and designed to be the lightest system possible to help reduce rotational energies otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash.



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When that downhill speed rush calls, nothing should get in the way. That’s precisely why we have developed the Volata Carbon 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet, designed to be our safest and most comfortable race helmet yet, thanks to our 2Vi® helmet technology platform. The new carbon shell is laid up by hand and molded to perfection under high pressure, making it stronger and lighter than any previous model. The Unstoppable Racer.


  • CE EN1077 class A / ASTM2040 / FIS RH 2013

Important WARNING for California residents. Read more

Engineered for the speed and performance alpinist need, the Volata Carbon 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet wraps your head in confidence, for ultimate focus. Especially designed for speed events – from Giant Slalom to Super-G and downhill. Strap on an unstoppable shell of carbon and injection-molded ABS, toughened with gate- and impact shields, and lined with a 2-layer Mips Safety System. The new carbon shell is laid up by hand and molded to perfection under high pressure, making it stronger and lighter than any previous model. The revised EPS in the helmet absorbs shock, with laser focus paid to the design and placement of key shields for the battering a racer takes from gate hits and other impacts. Variable elasticity gives increased protection to the injection-molded shell of the Volata Carbon 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet, with no added weight or volume. Developed with World Champion alpinists on our team, this is the ultimate helmet for those who are driven by speed and called to push their limits out there on the hill. The Unstoppable Racer.

*This model is not equipped to accommodate a chin guard.
  • 2Vi® improved performance, fit and comfort
  • Our latest technology in a FIS-approved race helmet
  • ABS shell with variable elasticity
  • Revised Carbon & EPS
  • Gate shields
  • Impact shields
  • 2-Layer Mips Safety System
  • TPU edge inside with snap-in lining
  • Two-piece ear ports for excellent hearing
  • Emergency removable ear pads
  • Ratchet buckle
  • Goggle garage

Care instructions

  • Wipe with a damp cloth


  • Regular fit

Key Features

2Vi® Helmet Technology Platform

Stronger. Lighter. Better. We’ve developed our own high-performance design and technology platform that helps us relentlessly evolve our helmets to be safer and more comfortable, without compromising on weight and volume. For the Volata (Carbon) 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet, this resulted in a race helmet created to outperform in every way. ​

2-layer Mips® Safety System​

We employ the specifically developed low-friction Mips system as a layer within the Volata (Carbon) 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet to reduce harmful forces that might otherwise be transferred to the head during an impact or crash. So, a tumble isn’t going to stop you.​


The Volata (Carbon) 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet is FIS-approved and developed in close cooperation with our World Cup athletes.

Gate- and Impact Shields​

We know those gates give your head a battering. That’s why we’ve crafted specific shield areas, constructed from in-mold EPP and EPS, into the helmet to stand up to gate impacts and distribute them over a larger surface area. And of course, if you lose that line, these shields are there to protect you from hitting the terrain at unforgiving speed.

Revised Carbon & ABS Shell​

We’ve toughened the injection-molded helmet in all the right places, with variable elasticity that can take on the challenges of different types of impacts. Strapping on the Volata Carbon 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet readies you to give every turn your all, on every run.

TPU Edge with Snap-in Lining​

The inner parts of a helmet protect your head of course, but no-one wants their race focus disrupted by discomfort. So, we’ve engineered the Volata (Carbon) 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet’s TPU liner to not only mitigate energy in a crash, but also be snap-in. Meaning it’s positioned just right and can be washed to stay fresh for every training or race day.

Updated Ear Vents​

In the heat of the race, you don’t want to be overheating. We concentrated on creating optimum air flow in the helmet, so you can keep your momentum through all the adrenalin, noise, and vibration on your way to the finish line.

Emergency Removable Ear Pads​

When your sole purpose in racing is to push the limits of speed, crashing out is always a possibility. So, we focused on a design that ensures nothing obstructs emergency responders if they need to provide assistance.

Our Goggles - The Perfect Combo

The Clockwork RIG® Reflect Goggles have the perfect fit for your Volata 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet.

The Unstoppable Racer

Anything that might break your line, we’ve got it covered - meet the Volata 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet.