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Born in the West, Raised in the South

Born in California but raised in Wanaka, Ben spent years racing before making the switch to freeride competition in 2019. His results include a win at the Verbier FWQ 4* in 2022 and a second-place finish at The North Face FWQ 4* at the Remarkables. In 2024, Ben will make his debut as a Freeride World Tour Rookie, and we couldn’t be more stoked to support you hunting podiums and adreniline rush!

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Ben uses our freeride-collection while he is chasing down those podiums at the freeride world tour.

Q&A with Ben

Key goals and/or events coming up!

I think my main goal for this season is to stay on the tour and hopefully ski some lines im proud of. 

Why freeride?

I love freeride as there is so much freedom in what you can do. There’s no right or wrong, meaning there is endless room for creativity. 

What’s your motivation?

Skiing has brought so much to my life so I guess what motivates me is to inspire others to ski and experience that joy. 

Why do you work with Sweet?

I believe we share similar values, keeping the dome protected in a stylish way. Head injuries are no joke so influencing others to wear a lid is important to me. 

Your most loved products? Why?

Trooper 2Vi Helmet with Durden Rig Reflect Goggles, fit is so nice. Plus the RIG lenses are so damn good. 

Freeride Collection

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