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The Dutchman: Ivar Slik

Ivar Slik, 30 years old, fell in love with cycling as a child. After ten years in professional road cycling, in continental and pro continental teams, he decided to take on a new challenge and start competing in the most exciting gravel races around the world.

Early in his career, Ivar took part in both road and mountain bike races. As a professional he ran in the historic Tour of Flanders and in other races of the World Tour scene, before competing in beach races on a mountain bike, where he was crowned European Champion in 2021, and then ultimately settling into the world of gravel.

In 2022, Ivar triumphed at the Traka in Girona and was also the first non-American to win Unbound 200. 

Ivar will race with Sweet Protections's top-of-the-line road bike helmets and performance sunglasses.

The Peloton Predator

Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips Helmet

The Falconer Aero 2Vi® Mips by Sweet Protection is our most advanced road cycling helmet developed with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team to deliver aerodynamic performance, optimum comfort and enhanced protection in a seriously fast and lightweight package. The hunt is on.

Ivar’s choice on sunglasses

Shinobi RIG® Reflect

The Shinobi sport performance sunglasses is our aggressive premium-model with solid lens attachment for high speed activities. Benefitting from the same premium 2.2mm thick machine edged toric lens from the Ronin, the Shinobi has an extremely stabile and easy-to-switch lens attachment technology.

Ivar Slik

Chasing Alternative Paths

Belgian Waffle Ride California

Belgian Waffle Ride California

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